Sussex Pathwatch
How do I know if they are illegal? Know your Rights of Way

Motorised vehicles are only allowed on Byways Open to All Traffic and carriageways.

They are legal if they have been given the landowner’s permission, but still should behave responsibly.

Unless they have been given permission by the landowner, all vehicles users need to be road legal i.e. tax, insurance, mot, number plate and helmet (if applicable).

Please report an incident if you felt threatened or at risk by their behaviour.

Remember to look for a registration number.

If you’re not sure, report it!

What happens next?

The Police have, at their discretion, the power to seize a vehicle and charge a fee for it’s return. They could also crush it or may prosecute the offender.

Please report as much or as little information as you may have. This will build an accurate picture of the level of activity and help find solutions.